Eat Fuh, Marrickville

Eat Fuh Marrickville - Chelsey Crafts

The newest and arguably the best local Vietnamese Pho noodle soup, fresh or fried spring rolls and noodle salad. The best part? All of these classics are made vegan at Marrickville’s newest Vietnamese eatery, Eat Fuh. Eat Fuh originated from humble market stall beginnings, much of the crowd on opening night made up of loyal followers of […]

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Cornersmith, Marrickville

Cornersmith vegan surprise - Chelsey Crafts

While for me moving house meant packing up then driving 6 blocks down the road, for my roomie Blauw the move was over 6 suburbs away. With a completely new neighbourhood comes the urge to explore your surroundings including the parks, shops and last but definitely not least, the local food. And I am always […]

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Bandekdee Orphanage, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Direct your children onto the right path, and when they are older, they will not leave it. I’ve been procrastinating from writing this post for some time now. Partly because I was lost for words..and that never happens. Mostly because it was too hard to find the right words. Because when you visit Bandekdee Orphanage in the […]

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The Pursuit of Presence

Chelsey Crafts - Beach Photography

Now is all there ever is – Eckhart Tolle The concept of “living in the now” is not a new one. There are countless printed tees, how-to books, dedicated Insta posts and social groups designed to express this age old desire. Though sometimes we all just need a little reminder. The Pursuit of Presence series is a reminder […]

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Flourless Mandarin, Orange and Almond Cupcakes (v, gf)

Flourless mandarin,orange and almond cake - Chelsey Crafts

A deliciously sweet, decadently moist and surprisingly healthy mandarin, orange and almond cake. After spending the lead up to the long weekend sans phone and wifi and having no choice but to communicate like it was 1999, I picked up my shiny new iPhone 6s Plus (pink..of course) and welcomed the Telstra technician inside, a […]

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Zucchini & Dill Soup (v, gf)

Zucchini Soup

Time has gotten away from me, like it often does. However, this time it almost seems refreshing. The disconnect from the constant stimulation via Facebook, Instagram, Email, WhatsApp, iMessage and who knows what else at the tips of my fingers is freeing in a way. I’ve had no choice but to listen to the sounds surrounding […]

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