A Unique Airbnb Experience on Sydney Harbour

Float on Lavender Bay in Sydney’s Harbour for a unique and unforgettable Airbnb experience. 

Airbnb has come to be known amongst travellers for it’s affordable, low key accommodation. It allows travellers to live like the locals do in just about any city in the world and boasts some truly one of a kind experiences.

In this cozy, floaty home on Lavender Bay guests can fall asleep under the stars by Sydney’s iconic Harbour Bridge and the glittering lights of Luna Park. I was lucky enough to spend a weekend on this one of a kind Airbnb experience for Valentine’s Day this year.

We spent the morning gathering food for a picnic and exploring Wendy’s Secret Garden nearby the wharf.

Wendy’s Secret Garden is one of Sydney’s most beautiful gardens. Created by Wendy Whitely when her husband, Australian Artist Brett Whitely, passed away, the lush garden has a serene atmosphere despite it’s prime location and boasts flawless views of the harbour.

Pathways and stairs wind through the garden, past antique garden equipment and glistening Money Trees, leading to quiet picnic spots.

Below the stairs leading up to Wendy’s Secret Garden is Lavender Bay Wharf.

The wharf is technically the Check In/Out spot for Lavender Bay’s floating Airbnb homes where you can row a small rowboat across from the wharf to your accommodation. Our host had seen a few overeager guests capsize during his time so gave us a few tips for staying dry – put your bags in the boat first, hold onto the dock and boat when climbing in, climb in slowly and balance your weight evenly. Although I love a good swim, it was a cold, windy, rainy day in Sydney Harbour so I’m happy to say we managed to stay upright on our way over to the boat.

There is no internet, no TV and no kitchen at this Airbnb, just the opportunity to take in the city lights, the sound of the waves gently lapping up against the hull of the boat and the chance to enjoy quality time with company. A picnic is your best bet for meals onboard as although you can use a camping stove pre-prepped food is no fuss, less mess and completely fire safe. Just ask our host who learnt what happens when you use a gas burner in a little floaty kitchen (hint: the roof is on fire is not as fun as the song makes it sound).

We packed plenty of fresh fruit, veggie sticks, dip, lentil chips, Vego chocolate to share (my fave!), GF ciabatta sandwiches, snacks and of course some wine. Come breakfast time my partner was curious to try the camping stove and took to the deck with the stove, baked beans, tomato and DF cheese. Steaming hot breaky bowls eaten out on the nets were heaven on that crisp morning and left me feeling thankful that at least one of us was curious and brave when it comes to playing with fire.

We slept like babies, quite literally being rocked to sleep, and woke to a much warmer Sunday morning. The boat wasn’t booked until later in the week so our host said not to worry about the 10am check out and to take our time. We slept in, slowly made breakfast and lazed around on the nets, possibly made a Stepbrothers-esque Boats n Hoes video then rowed back to shore in the afternoon, agreeing that it was one of the most memorable Airbnb experiences we’d ever had.

Check out the latest Airbnb listings in Lavender Bay here.

Do you book accommodation via Airbnb? What’s your favourite unique travel experience? What would you pack in your picnic for a night on the harbour?

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  1. What a neat experience this must have been! Very romantic too, especially being disconnected from the internet and tv. The garden looks so charming. I have always dreamed of having a full garden of some sort like that in my backyard to enjoy. 🙂

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