A One Day Meditation Retreat at the Southern Hemisphere’s biggest temple, Nan Tien Temple, Australia 

Chelsey Crafts Vegan Travel Nan Tien Temple Australia

Nan Tien is Chinese for Southern Paradise. Just 90 minutes south of Sydney, this southern paradise is the Southern Hemisphere’s biggest Buddhist temple and Australia’s first government accredited tertiary institution grounded in Buddhism values and wisdom. The Nan Tien temple stands with a sense of serenity firmly amongst the trees near Wollongong, just a 90 minute drive south […]

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The Pursuit of Presence: The Past

Chelsey Crafts The Pursuit of Presence Series

One undeniable factor affecting your relationship with this present moment is your relationship with your past. It would be ignorant to pursue the present moment without taking into account how you got here. One thing my Dad said to me when I was young that stuck with me was “Think of your life like you […]

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4 Ways to Remember a Loved Companion Animal

After 11 years, with a painfully heavy heart, it’s time to say goodbye to my Leonardo Da Pucci – AKA Lance, Dimebag Barrel, The Ninja Turtle, The Bean. It’s hard to imagine life without a loved one, although taking the time to say goodbye and having something to remember them by definitely helps. There are […]

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Three things that are making me happy

Along this blissful, challenging, exciting, rhythmic adventure it helps to stop now and again to appreciate moments of happiness, however small they may be. I have been feeling myself falling into that typical mid-winter slump and I am doing everything I can to try to keep balanced. I know it’s natural to ebb and flow. I guess […]

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The Pursuit of Presence

Chelsey Crafts - Beach Photography

Now is all there ever is – Eckhart Tolle The concept of “living in the now” is not a new one. There are countless printed tees, how-to books, dedicated Insta posts and social groups designed to express this age old desire. Though sometimes we all just need a little reminder. The Pursuit of Presence series is a reminder […]

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