Chelsey Crafted 2017 – The Top 5 Posts of 2017

Chelsey Crafts 2017

The end of the year is a time for reflection. A chance to take a good look at where you are at now and how you got there. It’s an opportunity to become aware of what’s working for you and use it as guidance to move forward.

This year on Chelsey Crafts, things became a little quieter as I shifted my focus to care for my Mum after her diagnosis of Pancreatic Cancer on January 1st 2017. We explored the power of healing, from foods that promote healing to healing therapies to self development for a holistic approach to health. In contrast to the previous year of discovering wonder overseas, 2017 was a chance to embrace local wonders, embracing minimalism in moving to an Inner West Sydney apartment and making home then exploring what the local community had to offer. As well as recapping on some travel adventures and travel dreams, because it’s good to have goals.

Top 5 Posts of 2017

1 –Ā A Vegan’s Guide to Oahu, Hawaii
You guys loved discovering Oahu, Hawaii as much as I did for my birthday in 2016. What’s not to love between the sun, sand, music and island vibes? I shared some of Oahu’s best vegan eats and natural wonders like Diamond Head and swimming with the fishes at Hanauma Bay. Well exciting news! I’ll be back in Oahu for my birthday in March 2018 thanks to a very generous Anniversary/Christmas/Birthday present from Kev.

2 – 40 Days
I shared an insight into my heart space 40 days after losing my Mum to Pancreatic Cancer. Thank you for all of the support following this post, for the emails sent to check in on how I’m going and for those who shared some of their heart space in return.

3 – Halotherapy at Saltuary
Better skin, clearer airways and a calmer state of mind? Yes please! One of the powerful healing therapies we explored this year was the benefits of Halotherapy at Saltuary in Inner West Sydney.

4 – The Wedge Espresso, Glebe
I made a big call and said that The Wedge Espresso was my new favourite cafe in Sydney. I still stand by that call and still can’t help ordering the same thing when I go there (The Moroccan Salad).

5 – The Flying Fajita Sistas, Glebe
Mexican small plates and killer margaritas in the heart of Glebe.

What will 2018 hold for Chelsey Crafts? A lot more good food, self-care, self development, creativity and travel that’s for sure. Queensland through to the first week of January, Hawaii in March. Then hopefully Lebanon (for a wedding!) and the Philippines in July. My Mum was dreaming of going on a tropical cruise after her treatment was finished with all of her family and friends so I’m on the lookout for a tropical cruise in September in her honour. The stuff that makes my inner light brighter.

As we come to the end of 2017, make some time for reflection. What are the benefits and lessons you’ve gained from this year? What’s been working for you? What is making your inner light shine brighter? How can you make it work for you in 2018?

Wishing you a happy, healthy and whole 2018.

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  1. Happy New Year Chelsey! It sounds like you will have a wonderful 2018 with your travel goals. That is a wonderful idea to book a cruise in your mom’s honor.

    My husband and I are looking to relocate south to a much warmer climate in 2018. I hope we make it happen so we can slow down a little and enjoy more of what the outdoors has to offer us.

    1. Happy New Year Val!
      Iā€™m so happy to hear that you and your husband will be making the time to slow down and enjoy the beauty in the simple things this year. Relocating to a warmer climate and exploring the outdoors is such a lovely way to do that.

  2. I think those 5 posts sum up your year really rather nicely. I remember all of them. So excited for you that you’re going to go back to Hawaii. We’re planning a return too but later in the year. And I love that idea of the cruise – what a magic idea! Hope your 2018 is full of good health, heaps of happiness and amazing adventures and that we get to catch up IRL!

    1. How exciting! We can share Hawaii travel tips and dreams when we catch up šŸ™‚
      Wishing you a bright and happy 2018 and looking forward to following along with your adventures on AT this year x

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