Concrete Jungle Cafe, Chippendale

Amidst the herds of city offices, takeaway asian joints and hole in the wall coffee shops in Sydney city sits the rare and beautiful Concrete Jungle Cafe. Serving fresh local produce and great coffee, Concrete Jungle is an oasis from the city outside.

With a focus on sustainable eating, the menu is primarily plant-based and each dish is presented with perfection.

Vegan options include:

BREADFERN TOAST with cashew butter
DRAGONFRUIT CHIA PUDDING – Dragonfruit, coconut yoghurt, buckwheat granola
BLUE MAJIK SMOOTHIE BOWL – Blue algae, blueberries, blackberries, coconut flakes
NOURISH BOWL – Beetroot hummus, kale, avocado, hasselback sweet potato, quinoa, tahini and tamari dressing

ROASTED PUMPKIN – Pumpkin puree, kale, savoury granola
ALMOND TOFU – Edamame, peas, shallot, asparagus, shoots, buckwheat

Mushroom, kale, avocado, roasted tomatoes
Beetroot hummus, cashew cheese, house ferments
Sweet potato fries with harissa
Cassava fries

SUPERGREEN – matcha, kale, banana, mango, lime and almond milk
BERRY BOOSTER – blueberries, almond butter, maca powder and chia seeds
TROPICAL JUNGLE – pineapple, mint, lime, coconut water, coconut

The service is friendly and the atmosphere is lively.

My friend Philomine and I walk in and luckily score a table before the lunch rush begins. I treat myself to a Turmeric Latte and she tries it for the first time. We get carried away chatting about travel and discovering more about our career paths and what ignites our passions, pausing to marvel at the prettiness of our lunch. Not only is it pretty but it’s healthy and tastes pretty damn good too. We look at the time and realise how long we were carried away for then reemerge back into the wilds of Sydney.

Cuisine | Modern Australian Cafe
Coffee | Calibrate White House Blend
Tea | Teadrop
Milk | Almond – Coconut – Soy
Vibe | Casual – Hip – Central
Must Try | Blue Majik Smoothie Bowl & Nourish Bowl
Service | 4/5
Rating | 4/5

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Address | 58 Kensington Street Chippendale, New South Wales, Australia 4575
Website |
Telephone | 0434366322
Facebook | Concrete Jungle Cafe
Instagram | @concretejunglecafe

Opening Hours
Tuesday to Friday | 7.30am – 3.00pm
Saturday to Sunday | 7.30am – 4.00pm

Have you tried a turmeric latte? Where is your favourite place to meet on your lunch break? What would you order of Concrete Jungle’s menu? What ignites your passion?

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  1. A Turmeric Latte sounds interesting. While is does not sound appetizing to me I would want to try it and would probably be pleasantly surprised! The food does look really pretty. Healthy food always looks more attractive than unhealthy. I suppose it is all the gorgeous colors of veggies that make that difference. 🙂

  2. How was the turmeric latte? I’ve never tried it before, but I keep seeing it pop up in popularity! It sounds really interesting because I’ve only ever heard of turmeric as a spice, rather than in a drink. Definitely need to try that out!
    I hate how you live all the way across the world because all these places you mention I wish to try out!

    ~Andrea Tiffany~

    1. It was yummy 🙂 the unique spicy flavour took some getting used to when I first started drinking them but now I love them and the warmness and comfort of them. They’re so good for you too!
      You might just have to come and visit Australia some day!

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