COOH, Alexandria

Delicious and wholesome organic food served in a spacious, yet charming restaurant surrounded by fairylight-lit gardens in Alexandria’s industrial hub. Don’t forget your camera when you visit this Instaworthy restaurant!

Remind me to thank my friend Lisa again for introducing me to COOH.

The organic whole foods restaurant originated from a small beachside cafe in North Curl Curl, opened by Rachel Trevarton and Scarlett Forward.

The atmospheric, garden surrounded restaurant sits in the industrial hub of Alexandria and the interior is a mix of modern industrial chic with candlelit, cozy and earthy features. The waiters are fun and friendly and know their food and wine. Vegan, raw and gluten free options are available and the team seem well versed in dietary requirements.

And the food..? It’s all a work of art! COOH prides themselves on using organic ingredients and each dish is perfectly styled. If you’re looking for an Instaworthy restaurant, this one fits the bill and then some. They make equally artistic cakes too. COOH can create your own sweet work of art using the freshest ingredients for any occasion including vegan, gluten free and raw options.

COOH Alexandria - Chelsey Crafts review

Vegan options include:

BREAKFAST (available til 12)
SMASHED AVOCADO AND SALSA V Smashed avocado with tomato, onion, coriander and corn salsa served with lemon on toasted sourdough, $14.00
BIRCHER V Fluten free grains soaked in almond milk, almonds, toasted coconut and seasonal fruit topped with coconut yoghurt, $15.00
BUCKWHEAT PANCAKE Fluten/dairy free buckwheat coconut and berry pancake topped with seasonal fruit, dairy free coconut yoghurt and toasted coconut chips, $22.00
GLUTEN FREE PORRIDGE V Gluten free superfood grains made with organic raw almond and coconut milk, almonds, fruit compote, berries and coconut yoghurt, $15.00
QUINOA SUPER SALAD V GF Pumpkin hommus, herbed quinoa with sautéed shredded kale, nuts and seeds, enoki and field mushrooms, tahini dressing, $20.00

LUNCH (available 12-3)
CAULIFLOWER & TAHINI SALAD Cumin spiced cauliflower, pine nuts, pomegranate, currants, cherry tomatoes, fresh herbs and tahini dressing, $16.00
VEGAN WILD MUSHROOM RISOTTO Vegan wild mushroom risotto with creamy herbed cashew butter and enoki, $25.00
HAND CUT CHIPS Potato or sweet potato chips with vegan aioli, $8.00

BAR FOOD (available from 3pm Tuesday to Saturday)
CAULIFLOWER AND TAHINI SALAD Cumin spiced cauliflower, pine nuts, pomegranate, currants, cherry tomatoes, fresh herbs and tahini dressing, $16.00
– HAND CUT CHIPS Potato or sweet potato chips with vegan aioli, $8.00

ENTREES (available from 6pm Tuesday to Saturday)
EGGPLANT DIP Warm eggplant, garlic, sourdough, $13.00
PUMPKIN CROQUETTES, MACADAMIA SKORDALIA Pumpkin, chickpea croquettes, macadamia skordalia with vegan aioli, $13.00

DINNER (available from 6pm Tuesday to Saturday)
VEGAN MUSHROOM RISOTTO Vegan wild mushroom risotto with creamy herbed cashew butter and enoki, $25.00

ROASTED BROCOLLI Roasted broccoli, toasted almonds, lemon, chilli, $12.00
SMASHED POTATOES Smashed Kipfler potatoes, olive oil, garlic and rosemary, $12.00
CAULIFLOWER SALAD Cumin spiced cauliflower salad w/ lemon tahini dressing and pomegranate, $16.00
HAND CUT CHIPS Potato or sweet potato chips with vegan aioli, $8.00

– CARAMEL ICE CREAM SANDWICH Vegan double caramel ice cream sandwich with brownie crumble, $15.00

COOH Alexandria - Chelsey Crafts review

AND asides from the extensive food options, organic tea, house roasted coffee, kombucha and freshly squeezed juices, COOH has a crave-worthy menu of smoothies and crushes;

SMOOTHIES organic, raw, vegan, dairy free, gluten free – all smoothies are made with raw coconut milk, all $8.50
GREEN Banana, spinach, kale, agave, coconut milk
STRENGTHEN Avocado, banana, maca, vegan protein, agave, coconut milk
KICKSTART Raw cacao, banana, agave, coconut milk
FUEL Coconut milk, banana, almond muesli (GF), blueberries
PEANUT BUTTER Peanut butter, almonds, dates, coconut milk
– CHIA POWER Coconut milk, mango, banana & chia

CRUSHIES all $8.50
IMMUNE Acai, apple juice, blueberries and chia seeds
LAURA’S SPECIAL Mango and passionfruit blended with fresh apple juice
LEMON AND MINT Lemon, apple mint & agave blended with ice
PITAYA Pink dragonfruit, raspberries, fresh pineapple blended with ice and apple juice.

COOH Alexandria - Chelsey Crafts review

Lisa, Aoife and I drove to COOH to catch up over some good food and vino after cleaning up at a nearby ECOYA warehouse sale. Choosing just one meal off the menu was hard enough for us, Lees and I both went straight for the Vegan Wild Mushroom Risotto which was fresh and light (although Lees felt like it needed A LOT more salt) and Aoife chose the Lamb Backstrap. We shared a side of slightly crunchy Hand Cut Chips with vegan aioli and shared dessert. The Caramel Ice Cream Sandwich was a cool, sweet somewhat deconstructed sandwich with a large ice-cream filling. It was heaven. We also shared a coconut, mango parfait kinda thing which sadly enough doesn’t appear to be on the menu anymore. If we could have fit more then we would have so we all agreed we would just have to go back (a few times) for more.

In fact, I’ve booked in for this Sunday as a Mother’s Day treat for my whole food-loving Mumma! It will be great to see how the renovations have turned out after they reopen on the 13th May and to check out the new menu.

COOH Alexandria - Chelsey Crafts review

Cuisine | “Honest food full of flavour. Focus on organic and wholesome ingredients”
Coffee | Organic in house roasted coffee from Cooh’s North Curl Curl location
Milk | Soy Milk, Raw Almond Milk, Coconut Milk
Vibe | Cozy – Indulgent – Hip
Must Try | Caramel Ice Cream Sandwich
Service | 5/5
Rating | 5/5

Shop Details

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Address | Corner of Bourke and Collins Road, Alexandria, New South Wales, Australia 2015
Website |
Telephone | 0290021333
Facebook | COOH Alexandria
Instagram | @coohalexandria

Opening Hours
Monday | 7.00am to 4.00pm
Tuesday – Friday | 7.00am to late
Saturday | 8.00am to late
Sunday | 8.00am to 6.00pm

COOH Alexandria - Chelsey Crafts review

Which dishes would you choose from the menu? Will you be celebrating Mother’s Day this year? What are your thoughts on organic whole foods? Do you shop organic or choose organic restaurants?

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  1. Yum! I don’t normally get dessert when eating out but these tasty treats look like they would be hard for me to resist!

  2. You won me over by the caramel ice cream sandwich! That looks so incredibly DELICIOUS! I have a love hate relationship with Instagram worthy restaurants. I end up taking too long taking pictures of the food haha and I hate having to ruin it by eating it, and then the taste blows me away

    ~Andrea Tiffany~

    1. Thanks Sammie! COOH ended up canceling Mother’s Day dinner! So we went to Flying Fajita Sistas for dinner instead. Had a yummy Mexican feast 😀

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