Dracula’s Cabaret Restaurant, Gold Coast Australia

Draculas Cabaret Restaurant Review - Chelsey Crafts

Dracula’s Cabaret Restaurant is an iconic Australian experience. It’s the place to go for a night of frights, fishbowl sized cocktails and hilariously crude cabaret.

Dracula’s has been indulging Australia since the 80s. Bookings are a must for the often sold-out tickets which include their famous ghost train ride, three course dinner and live show.

Draculas Cabaret Restaurant Review - Chelsey Crafts

The experience begins with a frightful welcome when Draculette’s and Dracula’s greet guests in the waiting line outside the haunted house. Without giving away too many surprises, beyond the open doors guests are ushered inside to join the living dead before descending the staircase to the basement to board the famous Dracula’s ghost ride.

Draculas Cabaret Restaurant Review - Chelsey Crafts

Drinks, live music and pre-show mingling gives guests the chance to recover before sitting down for dinner and the main event.

Fishbowl cocktails make a fun accompaniment to the fast and friendly three course dinner service.  The food, while not the main event, has some fun novelty themes that tie in well with the overall experience. Just be sure to call ahead if your group has any dietary requirements to make sure everyone is covered. Especially if fishbowl cocktails are involved!

Draculas Cabaret Restaurant Review - Chelsey Crafts
Fishbowl Cocktail

The Avocado Salad was a very simple, fresh salad of avocado, cucumber, carrot, spinach and tomato dressed in a balsamic glaze.

Draculas Cabaret Restaurant Review - Chelsey Crafts
Avocado Salad

I have to admit that I may have squealed when the mains came out. Served in a skull, black coloured house-made gnocchi was covered in a blood red tomato based sauce. How cool is that?! The presentation really made this meal.

Draculas Cabaret Restaurant Review - Chelsey Crafts

Dracula’s serves up the token vegan dessert – fruit salad. While the fruit is fresh and thoughtfully presented, it would be nice to see more vegan options that are on the same level as their fun shaped desserts such as coffins, ball and chains, skulls, gravestones and even a boobs cake. Because vegans like boobs too.

Draculas Cabaret Restaurant Review - Chelsey Crafts
Fruit Salad

The main event is the show – 2 hours of live music, burlesque and cheeky comedy!

Dracula’s keeps things fresh by updating the food, drinks and show throughout the year. Retro Vampt is currently on rotation and showcases 70s themed performances. Psychedelic has never been so sexy and hilarious.

Draculas Cabaret Restaurant Review - Chelsey Crafts

While the vegan menu could do with some improvement, overall a night at Dracula’s is an unforgettable experience. An experience you wouldn’t want to miss on a trip to the Gold Coast!

Draculas Cabaret Restaurant Review - Chelsey Crafts

Price | $105.00 Cabaret tickets – $130.00 VIP A Reserve tickets
Vibe | Spooky – Kooky – Novelty
Service | 4/5
Rating | 3.5/5

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Address | 1 Hooker Boulevard, Broadbeach QLD Australia 4218
Telephone | 07-5563-4900
Website | http://www.draculas.com.au/gold-coast/gold-coast/
Facebook | Dracula’s Cabaret Restaurant Gold Coast
Instagram | @draculascabaret

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  1. How fun! We need something like this locally! Our dinner theater type places don’t exactly have great food. This place looks like they work at making delicious appealing food. The cheesiness of the theme must be hysterical.

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