Iyengar Yoga – A Beginner’s Guide

Iyengar Yoga Marrickville Yoga Centre - Chelsey Crafts Review
What is Iyengar Yoga?

Iyengar Yoga is a form of yoga based on traditional Hatha yoga postures with an emphasis on precision and alignment. Props are used to assist with the correct alignment during postures.

Benefits of Iyengar Yoga
– Improve balance
– Tone, firm and strengthen muscles
– Promote flexibility
– Improve posture
– Aid digestion
– Reduce anxiety
– Great for mindfulness and relaxation
– Enhance confidence
Iyengar Yoga Marrickville Yoga Centre - Chelsey Crafts Review

My first Iyengar Yoga experience
I decided to try Iyengar Yoga after seeing the Marrickvilla Yoga Centre pop up on my Facebook feed. I’d been practicing Bikram Yoga for 2 years and thought that trying a new form of yoga may broaden my mind, body and yoga experience…plus the deal was $120 for a 6 week unlimited pass which could work out to be as little as $3.33 per class and 3 just happens to be my lucky number.

I signed up for the Beginner Course initially although after trying a class I changed to the Newcomer Pass (the Beginners Course is great for those interested in step-by-step lessons on basic postures and those new to yoga but if you’ve tried any form of yoga for at least one year then the Newcomer Pass is for you). I found it interesting using props during yoga practice and being introduced to inversions (hand and head stands). My pass has since finished and I’ve gone back to Bikram Yoga, however when I need a break from the heat or want to practice my inversions I will look to Iyengar.

My Top 5 Tips for Beginner Iyengar Yogis
1. Stay hydrated.
2. Wear comfortable clothing. Keep in mind when dressing that Iyengar Yoga involves standing upside down (I realised this the hard way when I wore a loose t-shirt to class!).
3. Listen to the instructor and take care when using props.
4. Be patient with yourself. Some poses can take years to master.
5. Breathe and listen to your body.

Have you tried Iyengar Yoga? Can you do hand/headstands? What’s your lucky number?


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    1. You’re very welcome Rowena! ☺️ Another great thing about Iyengar is that the Beginners classes are quite gentle and you can push further into each posture at your own pace as your body develops more strength and flexibility.

  1. I haven’t heard of this form before. I do yoga regularly at home and think I hold the positions properly. A class like this is a good idea just in case they are not being done right. Kudos to you practicing Bikram!

    1. Thanks Val! That’s great that you practice yoga at home ☺️ I tend to practice better in a classroom environment where I have less distractions but hopefully I can learn to start practicing at home more.

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