D.I.Y Tea Blend

A quick and easy way to create your own custom tea blend.

High tea, tea parties, afternoon tea, raw high tea..you can never have too much tea.

With this in mind I’ve thrown together this super easy custom tea blend for my Mum for this Mother’s Day. Some friends and I recently did somewhat of a tea co-op, bulk buying from A Touch of Tea‘s online store. The Bowral based tea shop is refreshingly more affordable than their overpriced counterparts and offers more tea varieties than you can shake a cinnamon stick at.

DIY tea blend - Chelsey Crafts

Since my Mum is into anything healthy and organic yet needs her caffeine (so that’s where I got it from) I went with a mix of organic rose petals, organic lavender and their ever popular Earl Grey Supreme.

If there’s one thing my tea habit is good for it would be that there is never a short supply of jars, canisters and other random containers to store tea in at my house. You can use pretty much any airtight jar for your tea. I upcycled a jar after finishing up this Neo loose leaf tea.

DIY tea blend - Chelsey Crafts

You will need

  • 120g airtight glass jar
  • twine
  • 1 1/3 cup of Earl Grey Supreme loose leaf tea
  • 1/2 cup organic rose petals
  • 1/2 cup organic lavender


  1. In a mixing bowl, gently combine all tea ingredients.
  2. Pour tea blend into jar and put the lid on, ensuring the jar is sealed tightly.
  3. Use twine to tie a bow around the jar then your custom tea blend is ready to gift (or keep all to yourself).

DIY tea blend - Chelsey Crafts

If you tried this tutorial I’d love to hear from you. Use the hashtag #chelseycrafts on Instagram or post in the comments form below.

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  1. I bet that smells amazing with the rose and lavender! Good for you, too. Mixing tea is one of my favorite things to do for our new line. 😀 I can almost smell the herbs through the screen…

  2. Ooh, I love this! I’m a big tea drinker (loose leaf only), so the next time at the tea shop I’ll have to see whether they have organic rose petals!

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