The Power of Affirmations

“The Universe has your back” – Gabby Bernstein

Affirmations are statements made by the conscious mind that are aimed at the subconscious mind.

With a positive mindset and regular practice affirmations can help you change old limiting belief systems that no longer serve you. Whether you want to improve your health, develop your career or live more radiantly – Changing your mind will change your life.

How to use affirmations:
1. Identify old limiting beliefs worth changing.
2. Create affirmations that embody the new positive belief you wish to replace it with.
3. Practice affirmations regularly.

6 tips for creating effective affirmations
– Start with “I am” or “I have”.
– Use present tense.
– Keep it simple and positive. I find rhyming affirmations are fun and easy to remember and always focus on what you want rather than what you don’t want.
– Say your affirmations aloud. The louder the better!
– It’s important that the affirmation is about yourself and not about changing the behaviour of others.
– Practice your affirmations anywhere, anytime and as often as you like. Try slipping affirmations in when you do tasks you’d usually do on autopilot like cleaning the house, walking, brushing your teeth etc.

My top 3 favourite affirmations
1. I love ******* and ******* loves me.
2. I’m loved, I’m safe, I’m free.
3. I choose love no matter what.

Do you use affirmations? If you could make the perfect affirmation for your life right now what would it be?

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  1. I read that book as a refresher last year! I have been doing affirmations ever since I discovered Louise Hay back in the early 90s. I do believe we can make positive changes by starting with our mind.

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