Halotherapy at Saltuary

What is Saltuary?
Based in the heart of Five Dock, Saltuary is one of Sydney’s only Himalayan salt therapy providers. With a holistic view on health and wellness, the family owned business has evolved to provide a range of natural and restorative therapies including massage, chiro, naturopathy, acupuncture and even yoga, to help the community find health, happiness and balance.

Benefits of Salt Therapy
– Strengthens the immune system
– Decreases stress
– Aids in detoxification
– Increases lung capacity
– Provides anti inflammatory, antihistamine and antibacterial benefits
– Clears congestion
– Improves skin health

Salt Therapy
Float Therapy
Infrared Sauna
Natural Beauty Therapy

My Experience
The first time I visited Saltuary in early 2016 I booked in for the infrared sauna and salt room. I wasn’t too keen on the idea of a float as I’ve never been able to float (just me?). The team were so friendly and welcoming, making the whole experience pure relaxation. There was a bunch of forms to fill out on iPads in the reception area (the usual medical history and liability info) before a steaming cup of Pukka Elderberry and Echinacea Tea in the waiting room. The heat adjustable sauna (as hot as possible for me please) was first and was a 45 minute session in one of the private infrared sauna rooms. I found it oddly quiet at first, having just had a loud, busy week in the city, but as the heat rose I wound down and even took the opportunity to meditate. It was both relaxing and reenergising and thanks to the heat, exactly my kind of salt therapy. The salt room was next and I got dressed and put my stuff into a locker before donning a pair of Saltuary’s cotton sockettes and walking into the amazing cave-like salt room. The handmade salt room is like no spa you’ve ever seen, made almost entirely of Himalayan salt, with glowing walls of large salt bricks and a sea of salt pebbles crunching beneath your feet. A halo-generator circulates Himalayan salt vapour around the cave for 45 minutes while guests sit in decliner chairs and read, meditate or more than likely, fall asleep. I picked a book from one of the bookcases and only managed reading a few pages before falling asleep for the rest of the session, and I promise that had nothing to do with the book! I ended up hunting down that book (A Mind Of Your Own) on eBay later because it really was a good read.

By my second visit, my housemate and the team at Saltuary had convinced me to try a float, explaining that because of the amount of salt in the tub (something like half a tonne) that everyone can float in a salt float..in fact it’s impossible not to float in a salt float tank. I’m not going to lie though, I was a little worried that I would be the exception and would end up floundering in the salty tub..but I stepped into the tub, laid back and looked at the glittering star like lights on the ceiling while listening to Enya and simply floated. I did it! I did it so well I actually fell asleep. Seems to be a theme at Saltuary. They say one session in the float is the equivalent of 4 hours deep sleep and I can see why. I floated for 45 minutes then floated out of the room and melted into an armchair where they served organic tea and coconut yoghurt with granola which gave me enough energy to get home otherwise I could’ve easily fallen back to sleep in that armchair.

Three is one of my lucky numbers and for my third visit I was lucky enough to be pampered to a whole spa day with my partner thanks to my partner’s sister. She gifted the Saltuary voucher to him for Christmas and it was The Best because it was when we first got together and she’d written on the envelope “P.S Chelsey – If you don’t get an invite, run!”. Which worked out well because Christmas Day was the day we made it official and yes, I got an invite! We spent an entire day floating, getting massages, detoxing in the sauna and finally falling asleep in the salt cave. It was a day of pure bliss. Thanks again Cassie 🙂

During the annual Ferragosto Italian street festival Saltuary had some great package deals and I scored a pack of 5 salt room visits for a bargain. Saltuary’s online account is super easy to use and any time I feel like using one of my prebooked salt room visits I just go on the website and register for one of the sessions.

The website is also home to the Saltuary Blog which has same great health and wellness articles. This is how I found out about the new Wellness Talks held in the salt room every second Wednesday.  The talks are free and cover a range of topics from nutrition to chiro to family wellness and are completely inspiring. You will leave the room glowing, and not just because of the negative ions in the salt room!

Ingredients and tools to take home to continue caring for your health and wellbeing are available from Saltuary’s well stocked organic store and natural medicine cabinet including natural beauty products, organic food, books and more.

If you couldn’t tell from my experience, I completely recommend Saltuary. Whether you’re a floater or the cave is more your thing, you will love reaping the benefits of salt therapy.

Vibe | Relaxed – Healthy – Friendly – Empowering
Must Try | Salt room
Service | 4.5/5
Rating | 4.5/5

Shop Details

Address | Shop 2, 134 Great North Road, Five Dock, NSW, Australia
Website | http://saltuary.com.au
Telephone | 0297138688
Facebook | Saltuary
Instagram | @saltuary

Opening Hours
Monday – Tuesday | 10.00am to 6.00pm
Wednesday | 10.00am to 7.00pm
Thursday | 10.00am to 8.30pm
Friday | 10.00am to 6.00pm
Saturday | 9.00am to 5.00pm
Sunday | Closed

Have you ever tried salt therapy? How do you feel about floating?

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  1. I have seen this therapy on television. It sounds fascinating. Floating must be so calming thinking how relaxing the body feels after getting out of a pool or tub. Himalayan salt has become trendy to eat here with its added health benefits.

    1. It’s become trendy to eat here too. There’s more and more spice mixes in our stores that include Himalayan Salt and cafes that emphasize that they use the “healthy kind of salt”.
      I was pleasantly surprised with how calming floating really is and my skin loved it too.

  2. It’s sounds like such a wonderfully restorative treatment! I spent 10 minutes inside a salt room at an event the other week and I felt a difference even in that short time. I really want to go back and try the full treatment.

  3. Hehe I laughed when you said that you would worry you would be the only one not to float. I’d feel the same way. Some people float easier than others and I don’t float well. Maybe I should try this so I know what it’s like to float without struggling!

  4. This place sounds amazing! I am a lover of saunas, I grew up with them. The traditional Finnish type with rocks over fire where you throw water on top. I am fascinated by the salt room – never heard of that? but sounds wounderful

  5. Saltuary sounds like a great place to relax in. I love the name…very appropriate. Have never tried any sort of salt therapy myself but am always open to trying new stuff.

  6. How funny, I’ve been thinking about doing salt therapy again! I got to enjoy a “free” salt room experience for doing a charity event with my business and LOVED it, I could live in one of those rooms. I love how the spa you visited had many ways to enjoy salt therapies. I haven’t floated but I’ve saved coupons for it and can’t wait to take me and the boyfriend to one when we get ahead. I’ve always lived in coastal towns (Navy family) so I’ve got floating down but I STILL can’t go underwater without holding my nose, haha 😉

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