The Power of Affirmations

“The Universe has your back” – Gabby Bernstein Affirmations are statements made by the conscious mind that are aimed at the subconscious mind. With a positive mindset and regular practice affirmations can help you change old limiting belief systems that no longer serve you. Whether you want to improve your health, develop your career or […]

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Wellbeing 101: Happiness

What does happiness mean to you? Is it spending time with friends and family? Reaching a goal? A sparkly new purchase? Maybe it’s simply sitting back and reflecting on and being grateful for what you do have. This week in my studies of meditation therapy and holistic counselling we’ve been focusing on the foundations of […]

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5 Simple Ways to Prevent Jet Lag

When traveling over different timezones jet lag can be hard to avoid. While our bodies are smart little things, it can take some time for our circadian rhythms to adjust, in the meantime keeping us wide awake when it’s late at night and making us want to crawl into bed in the middle of the […]

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How to Survive Jet Lag

If you follow along with my travels on Instagram you will know that I’ve recently returned home from an amazing 5 week adventure around the U.S and the Middle East. I feel so lucky to have had the freedom and the means to be able to travel abroad to new places and I can’t wait […]

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How to Host the Ultimate Gilmore Girls Revival Party

We are officially two weeks away from the release of Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life! The 8th season of the humorously sarcastic drama TV series will be released on Netflix on Friday the 25th November at 12.01am, all four 90 minute episodes, “Winter”, “Spring”, “Summer” and “Fall”. I know, I can’t even either. All […]

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4 Ways to Remember a Loved Companion Animal

After 11 years, with a painfully heavy heart, it’s time to say goodbye to my Leonardo Da Pucci – AKA Lance, Dimebag Barrel, The Ninja Turtle, The Bean. It’s hard to imagine life without a loved one, although taking the time to say goodbye and having something to remember them by definitely helps. There are […]

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DIY Travel Diary

DIY Travel Diary - Chelsey Crafts

“Traveling – It leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller” – Ibn Battuta Whether traveling near or far it is always nice to have something tangible to capture those memorable moments from your travels. Enter the travel diary. With trips to Tasmania, Queensland and Waikiki earlier this year and a big trip planned to […]

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How to: Stop your neighbours from stealing your bin

Crochet Yarn Bomb Bin - Chelsey Crafts

Today I’m sharing how I stop my neighbours from stealing our bin, an exercise in yarn-bombing. As you know, I’ve recently moved house and with moving house comes a new street, new neighbours and a new bin night routine. Unfortunately for us our new bin night routine goes something like this.. Tuesday: Tie up rubbish […]

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The Pursuit of Presence

Chelsey Crafts - Beach Photography

Now is all there ever is – Eckhart Tolle The concept of “living in the now” is not a new one. There are countless printed tees, how-to books, dedicated Insta posts and social groups designed to express this age old desire. Though sometimes we all just need a little reminder. The Pursuit of Presence series is a reminder […]

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