A Vegan’s Guide to Oahu, Hawaii

Oahu is known for great sun, sand and surf. In A Quick Guide to Oahu we looked at some of the best things to see and do on the island, now let’s check out more of my favourite things about traveling – the food!

Of course, the tropical climate of Hawaii means an abundance of delicious, fresh tropical fruit and veg, but Oahu is also home to some great vegan eats.

Vegan Eats in Oahu - Chelsey Crafts
The Vegan Cobb Salad at The Cheesecake Factory

Most people know the Cheesecake Factory for their cheesecakes. Crazy, I know. But what most don’t know is that TCF has some great vegan options. Add these to your Must Try list – Evelyn’s Favorite Pasta, Vegan Cobb Salad (my absolute favourite) and if you’re into cocktails you’ll love their variety of tropical cocktails, complete with a fresh pineapple cup. Because it always tastes better when it’s served in a pineapple, right?

Vegan Eats in Oahu - Chelsey Crafts
Gardein Orange Peel Chicken

Yard House is another surprisingly good casual restaurant for vegans in Oahu, As the name suggests, the restaurant is known for their beer but the vegan menu boasts some quality plant based dishes including an entire range of Gardein based meals and appetisers such as Jerk Wings and a “Chicken” Rice Bowl. Ask your server about their vegan friendly beer, wine and cocktails. This is a great gathering place for groups with varying tastes, even more so during Happy Hour between 2-5.30pm on weekdays and 10.30pm til close Sunday to Wednesdays.

Vegan Eats in Oahu - Chelsey Crafts
Acai Smoothie Bowl at Tropical Tribe

Smoothie bowls are fairly easy to find in Oahu but The Best Smoothie Bowl in Oahu Award should go to Tropical Tribe who specialise in authentic brazilian acai bowls. Thanks to Kaena, our Chief’s Luau host, for this winning recommendation.

Vegan Eats in Oahu - Chelsey Crafts
Raw Vegan Pad Thai at Greens & Vines

This all raw, vegan and gluten-free gourmet restaurant was opened in 2012 by Oahu local Sylvia Thompson almost a decade after exploring whole foods as a way of reversing heart disease following her husbands heart attack. Signature dishes include the Sampler Dips n Chips, Kaffir Miso Pad Thai and the bestselling Living Lasagna. At Greens & Vines healthy eating has never looked so good.

Vegan Eats in Oahu - Chelsey Crafts

Board the Pineapple Express (ha) and explore Hawaii’s educational and tasty “Pineapple Experience”. Or if tourist traps aren’t your thing, pick up some fresh, sweet pineapple from one of the many roadside stalls or local stores.

Vegan Eats in Oahu - Chelsey Crafts
Shaved Ice at Diamond Head

Shavings of crunchy, cold ice lavishly doused in sweet colourful syrup, this iconic treat is a Must Have on any tropical Hawaiian getaway. While it may seem hard to mess up, Matsumoto’s shaved Ice, Waiola Shave Ice and Haleiwa Shave Ice do it best.

Vegan Eats in Oahu - Chelsey Crafts
Kahuku Corn

You haven’t tried super sweet corn until you’ve tried Kahuku’s same-day harvested, fresh corn cobs suitable nicknamed Candy Corn.

Vegan Eats in Oahu - Chelsey Crafts
Chief’s Luau Buffet

A trip to Hawaii wouldn’t be complete without a luau. Traditional luaus, albeit kalua pig centric, do have some delicious veggie options including fresh tropical fruits, salads, rice, delicious Hawaiian sweet potato and poi (a traditional Hawaiian staple made from taro). Chief’s is arguably the best luau in Hawaii and the hosts go to great efforts to make sure everyone is well fed and cocktailed.

Vegan Eats in Oahu - Chelsey Crafts
Down to Earth, Kailua

Let’s talk about snacks, baby!
Between luau feasts, snorkelling with the fishes (and turtles if you’re lucky!), mall therapy and checking out Oahu’s best vegan foodie spots you are going to need some sustenance. Let’s talk about snacks. Down to Earth is a mecca for vegan snackage but a lot of these can also be found at the 9240941 ABC stores taking over the island.

  • CLIF Bars
  • Fresh fruit
  • Macadamia nuts, locally grown (Tropical Farms Macadamia Nut Farm grow the freshest, tastiest macadamia nuts I’ve ever tried in my life)
  • Hail Merry dessertsAnd yes, you do get extra points for snacks on the beach.
Vegan Eats in Oahu - Chelsey Crafts
Coconut Chocolate Chip CLIF Bar from Down to Earth, Kailua

Then there were all of the vegan eats I didn’t have time to try but will be at the top of my list for my next Hawaiian getaway..

Loving Hut offers delicious, wholesome, veggie food. The worldwide chain restaurant has such an extensive international menu that guarantees a huge range of tasty 100% vegan meals and sweets no matter the location.

This popular home-style 100% vegan cafe has a delicious selection of sandwiches, salads, hearty bowls and homemade sweets.

I discovered this one while stalking Instagram pre-holiday. Their feed makes me want to reach through the phone and go to Hawaii just for their famous smoothie bowls.

This upscale chain restaurant has a secret vegan menu which, due to popularity, is not so secret anymore. For a nice dinner out the fixed menu includes courses such as Local Vegetable Roulade and Chocolate Mousse.

“Duke’s Famous Salad Bar” provides a buffet selection of fresh, locally grown veggies, ancient grains, pasta, garden salads, fresh fruit and warm breads for $18 per person.

Vegan Eats in Oahu - Chelsey Crafts
If you like Pina Coladas

Have you travelled to Oahu? Do you have any favourite vegan eats in Oahu that aren’t on this list?

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  1. So many yummy things! When I saw the Yard House I had to look it up. There is one near use but I thought it was just a steak and seafood place, Sure enough it is the same at this one in HI. It has the Gardein menu as well so my hubby and I will need to make a trip there at some point.

  2. I LOVE Loving Hut, if one was near me and not 2 hours away I would be in trouble! 😀 Thanks for the recommendations, I will come back to this when I get to Hawai’i one day. Not travel plans but something that must happen one day haha 🙂

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