A Vegan’s Review of The Green Mushroom, Glebe

Have you ever gone on a solo dinner date?

Food is a very social pastime for me. Whether it’s a dinner date, brunch with the girls, late night dessert runs or baking for a special occasion(any excuse really), most social occasions involve food. I think for this reason I’d never thought of going out to a nice restaurant solo.

The Green Mushroom is a new restaurant in Glebe. I’d heard dozens of good reviews about the new vegan-friendly Modern Indian restaurant so it sat at the top of my list of restaurants to visit (yes, I have a list!).

On this quiet Wednesday afternoon I sat on the train coming home from work craving Indian food (I’m always craving something). I had planned to go to Bikram Yoga but it had been such a big week, I was exhausted and comforting Indian food was just what I needed. I decided to skip yoga and finally print photos from my family Thailand trip before taking myself out for my first solo dinner date.


Parking was easy to find on a Wednesday afternoon and I found a spot right across the road from the restaurant. When I arrived there was only one couple dining but the restaurant filled fast.

The extensive menu is filled with 100% vegetarian Indian favourites and many vegan choices. The food is fresh, not oily, and serving sizes are generous.

Papadums and water were brought out immediately to nibble on whilst looking at the menu. A lovely sweet tamarind sauce was the vegan option in place of a green yoghurt dipping sauce.

Veggie Pakora (4 pieces), $7.95

I only discovered Pakoras recently at Govinda’s! They’re an awesome gluten-free indian entree option, often made with chickpea flour for the batter and filled with cauliflower, zucchini or mixed vegetables. The Veggie Pakoras at TGM were crunchy and filling and went well with the sweet tamarind sauce. The Veggie Samosa’s were popular at TGM too.

Sakangvi, $3.50


Sakangvi is a refreshing Indian lemon drink. It was light and sweet with a subtle peppery aftertaste.

Dal Tadka, $13.95


Dahl was my first and is my favourite Indian dish. It’s one of those things I feel like I should try at every Indian restaurant. Like you would with Pad Thai at a Thai restaurant or pasta at an Italian restaurant. The Dal Tadka was rich and flavoursome with a hint of spice from the green chillis.

Carrot Halwa, $5.50


I was full by this point but, if you know me, you know I always have room for dessert. Their Carrot Halwa is made in house and was described as a vegan carrot pudding with pistachio. It was warm, rich, sweet and so satisfying.

Eating at The Green Mushroom was a lovely experience. The food was delicious and filling (half of it came home with me for lunch the next day).

Dining by myself, I was able to really slow down and savour each bite without distractions. I was able to be mindful of my surroundings and noticed that there were many others dining solo too. Later that night I got a call from my Mum. I told her about my night and funnily enough she had just gone out the night before on her first solo dinner date. She was in the mood for sushi (Classic Mum) and thought, why not?

Have you gone on a solo dinner date? If not, would you? Where would you take yourself?
  • Price | Entrees $7.95-$12.95, Mains $13.95-$16.95
  • Cuisine | Modern Indian (100% vegetarian and vegan friendly)
  • Vibe | Welcoming, friendly and relaxed
  • Must Try | Dal Tadka and Carrot Halwa
  • Service | 5/5
  • Rating | 5/5

Shop Details

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Address | 163 Glebe Point Road, Glebe
Website | http://www.greenmushroom.com.au
Facebook | Green Mushroom

Opening Hours
Open 7 days | 5.00pm – 10.00pm

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  1. Mmm…looks super good! Wish I lived closer 😉 Dahl is one of my all time favorites…you've inspired me to look up my old recipe for it!

    Popping over from the EBT…

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