Wray Organic, Toowoomba, Queensland

Wray Organic Vegan Review - Chelsey Crafts

 “A mother with a sick child very quickly learns what needs to be done to make your child well again” 

This is what brought Queensland mother, Deborah Wray, to learn about how our food is grown, processed and stored after following Doctor’s orders to help heal her sick son. This interest and success in organic food sparked the idea for a one stop shop where every product must pass the Wray Worthy System so customers wouldn’t need to spend hours reading labels for numbers and nasties. The first Wray Organic store was opened in 2005 and another 9 stores have since opened throughout Queensland and Tamworth, proving that people really do care about what they’re putting into their bodies. After all, we are what we eat.

Wray Organic Vegan Review - Chelsey Crafts

As well as the organic fruit, vegetables, dry goods, cleaning and beauty products, Wray Organic stores include their own cafes where everything is certified organic and offer plenty of gluten and dairy free options.

Wray Organic Vegan Review - Chelsey Crafts

The cafes serve Di Bella coffee, Australia’s only coffee company which sources 100% of it’s raw coffee beans directly from the farmers.

And if you’re feeling hungry before browsing the stores aisles the food menu includes smoothie bowls, organic sourdough with daily greens, wraps, bakes and salads or for the sweet-tooth’s bars, slices, tiramisu and brownies. The menu varies day to day depending on the freshest ingredients in season so check the daily menu, their Instagram or Facebook page for what’s available on the day.

Cuisine | Certified Organic Cafe & Market
Coffee | Di Bella Coffee
Milk | Almond, Coconut, Soy
Vibe | Fresh – Healthy – Convenient
Service | 2.5/5
Rating | 3.5/5

Shop Details

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Address | 98 Russell Street, Toowoomba, QLD Australia
Telephone | (07) 4639 1611

Opening Hours
Monday to Friday | 8.00am – 5.00pm
Saturday to Sunday | 8.00am – 4.00pm

Wray Organic Vegan Review - Chelsey Crafts

Do you buy/eat organic? Do you check labels when buying packaged foods?

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  1. I would love this store! Organics are expensive but I am hoping over time more and more people will buy them and prices will come down. My stomach is sensitive and tells me when there are too many pesticides on something. So I do need to buy organic with certain produce items. I am a label reader which keeps me from buying processed foods!

  2. I miss the organic supermarket in the city. I can only get a limited selection out here, but sometimes I order online 🙂 I love dragonfruit, but I’ve never seen it that color before. The imported ones here are white inside, but very tasty 🙂

    1. The one’s we get here in Aus are mostly white too. I find the pink ones a little sweeter. Although both taste amazing with lime juice squeezed over them ?

    1. Thanks! ? If the tattoo’s small like this one they use a smaller needle which doesn’t hurt as much. It helps if you have a high pain threshold too hehe

  3. It’s nice how this place combines a market with a cafe. I try to buy organic produce and meat as much as possible now. I’m just glad it’s become more accessible.

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